About Me

Creating with Passion

My name is Angie, a Vector Artist living in the Maastricht area, in the Netherlands. Since I was quite young, I have been holding a pencil in my hand and have been doodling over everything I could... I studied Graphic Design in Liège, Belgium, from 2001 until 2004, and have been working as a freelancer for over 15 years already.

Check out my Art Curriculum to know more about my competences !
Download my portfolio as a PDF file here. (20 MB)

Yours truly

My Services

These are a few of my favourite things...


From traditional to more sofisticated designs, I can adapt to any style & I also work on the blockchain.

Character Design

My favourite creative process: imagining characters, serious or not & making them come to life !

Motion Design

An animation can say more than a thousand words. I specialise in small loops & small motion design films.

My Way of Working

Understanding Clients & Needs...

Up until now, I have crafted colourful designs of many kinds and styles for all sorts of clients & projects: from logos and business cards for lawyers, to packaging and illustrations work for a well-known Belgian butter brand, to visuals for poster for an American youth theatre company... I pride myself in the diversity and the quality of my art.

I have developed a way of working where I like to first connect with people on a personal level, and understand their projects, this will ensure that the brief is clear, which will bring more insights to my creations and client expectations: a design that will match their personality & business. I believe awesome design is collaborative, before anything else.

For all illustration enquiries, you can now contact my manager, Amy, at Artistique